HCPA Mobile Site Quick-Start Guide

Welcome to the HCPA's Quick-Start Guide to our office’s first-ever mobile website. This guide is meant to be an overview of the site’s features. Before you begin, one step we recommend is to clear the cache/browsing history and website data from your mobile device. For additional details on how to use the mobile site, tap on the Question mark/Help icon located in the upper right hand corner of each mobile site page, or call the HCPA at (813) 272-6100.



Ok, let’s get started with the Quick-Start Guide to the HCPA mobile site. Anyone who accesses www.hcpafl.org on their mobile phones will still arrive at our usual home page (in its scaled-down version):






But once the user taps a Property Search (Basic or Advanced) link or Map Search from the home page while on their phone, they will be redirected to the new mobile Site (the Sales Search and Subsidence Search work from the full site and have no mobile version). The landing page for the mobile site looks like this:




Notice there is a Welcome Message here. The user must tap that message to clear it and move to the landing page of the mobile site. Once the user taps on the Welcome Message, if their Location Services are turned on their phone, they will be on this screen showing a map of Hillsborough County with a "You Are Here" message pinpointing their location:






Once the user taps on the Welcome Message, if their Location Services are turned on their phone, they will be on this screen showing a map of Hillsborough County with a "You Are Here" message pinpointing their location:





If their phone's Location Services are turned off, the user will land on this page for a Basic property search:





If the user taps the Advanced Search icon (the large blue "A" at the top of the screen), it will take them to the Advanced Search page shown here:






After filling out the criteria of their search, the user's results of a Basic or Advanced search are listed 10 per page, as seen here:





Tapping the "See these results on map" box at the top of the above page will take the user to map page (below), where the first parcel in the list will be displayed.





Tapping "Zoom to" will bring the user to the parcel boundary level and bring up the corresponding Parcel Information box. From here, the user can also tap nearby parcels to bring up the Parcel Information box for those properties.


Tap "View Details" to see specific details regarding the property, such as sales, value, building information and extra features. 





Here's the screen the user is taken to after tapping "View Details" for specific information regarding the selected parcel.




Tapping the Map icon on the top of the page returns the user to the map view.



On the left side of the map, there is a Compass icon. Tapping this will place the user's physical location on the map. (Please note if the user is operating with an Android phone and a Chrome browser, this geolocation feature may not function properly. Make sure your Location Services is turned on in your phone's settings):

You'll also notice at the bottom of every screen, there is a "Link to Full Site" message. If the user prefers to use the full site on their phone, they can always tap that link and leave the mobile site to utilize the full site. Don’t forget, there is also a Help link (the question mark icon) in the top right hand corner of each page where the user can learn more information about the site.


If a user wishes to use the mobile Site on their iPad or tablet device, there is a link to it on the HCPA home page. This link is found under the home page’s main navigation bar along the top of the page. Tap or click on SEARCH, then select "Search Mobile" under the possible choices.

Again, if you have any questions about the site, please contact the HCPA at (813) 272-6100.

Thank you!

The Hillsborough County Property Appraiser’s Office staff.

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